Sunday, April 30, 2017

Fraudulent spam email claiming to be Netflix

I got a phishing email.  So what?  I get lots of phishing emails.  Why blog about this one?

Well, it's at least a *little* different.

Most of them direct the victim to an existing web site which has been compromised.  I.e. the web site's real owner has no idea that his own site is being used for fraudulent purposes.

In this one, the victim is directed to the domain name "", which the scammer obtained properly.  Unfortunately, the scammer wasn't stupid enough to include his own contact information in the registry, instead choosing to hide behind

Now there's nothing wrong with using to hide one's identity.  If anything, it removed any doubt in my mind (as if there were any) that the page isn't owned by Netflix.  So it reinforced that it is a phishing site.  I sent a complaint email to anyway.

Next up, the domain the registry:  Never heard of them.  Malaysian.  Sent them a complaint email too to suspend the registration.

Next, the IP address that resolves to:  A whois lookup shows the block is owned by Quasi Networks LTD.  Abuse email to it as well.

Now to another nice site:, a site that evaluates how likely a site is to be fraudulent.  It actually goes to the site and analyzes it.  So I went there and plugged in "", and sure enough, it says that it is probably a phishing site (no surprise there).  But on that page is a tab named "resources", which shows details of the access to the site ... and well lookie there, "" redirects to "".  Which resolves to the same IP as "", and is registered in the same ways ( and  So what the point in that?  Oh well, another set of complaint emails for the new domain name.

Finally, let's see if it is a compromised web site.  I would like to see what other domain names resolve to the same IP address.  Unfortunately, this appears not to be an exact science.  The few sites there are that claim to do this find *no* domains resolving to that IP.  However, a simple google search for "" (*with* the double quotes) does find the names "" and a new one: "".

Yep.  Another phishing site, leveraging Apple instead of Netflix.  Let's do the drill, starting with whois.  WHOA!!!  Did we hit paydirt?

Registrant Contact
Name: Jamie Wilson
Mailing Address: 22 Madisson Road, London London SE12 8DH GB
Phone: +44.07873394485
Fax Ext:

Now, don't be too hasty.  The *real* registrant is a scammer.  What are the chances he would list his own real contact info?  The only thing that might be valid is the email address, since I think he needs that to fully set up the domain, and even then it might have been a single-use throwaway.

Hmm ... not totally throw-away.  A google of "" has 6 hits, including "" and "", both of which have Jamie as the registrant, but neither of which resolve to valid IP addresses.  So not sure there's anything actionable (i.e. complainable) there.

But just in case, I googled the phone number, and found this additional hit: "", which doesn't appear to resolve to a valid IP.

Well, much as I hate to, let's skate over to "", which wants my money in a bad way.  It tells me that is associated with ~38 domains, but of course won't tell me what any of them are without paying them $99.  And even though I would love to send complaints regarding all 38, I wouldn't love it $99 worth.

Ok, one more thing. says that the owner of that email address is Adam Stormont, and that the email is associated with a few other sites (but not 37), including "", which doesn't resolve to an IP.  And by the way, a whois of another domain, "", says that the registrant is David Hassleman.  So yeah, ignore the Jamie Wilson contact.  He wasn't that stupid.  :-)

And now I've run out of gas.  Maybe those domain names will be disabled in the next few days.  Or maybe I've just wasted a half hour of my life.  (Well, I've learned a few things, so not totally wasted.)


Anonymous said...

Here Ya GO>>>
List of domain names registred by
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Steve Ford said...

Thanks Anonymous! Any tips on how to generate said list? Either from the web or the Unix command line?