Friday, January 25, 2013

Maria Bamford

My daughter turned Margaret and me onto Maria Bamford.  She is a comedian who has suffered from some mental illness issues, and her sense of humor is definitely not for everybody.  Weird, downer, deadpan, awkward, and very very funny for people with a sick sense of humor (like me, and apparently Margaret and my daughter).

If you're up for an experiment, start with her twenty episodes of The Maria Bamford Show.  If, after the first one, you don't absolutely hate it, try at least two more.

Then there's Maria Bamford's One Hour Homemade Christmas Special.

I hear she made some commercials for Target, and I should look those up too.  Obviously they won't be as off-the-wall as her independent creations, but I bet I'll like them anyway.

And I guess I should spend some time with the fan channel.

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