Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Keychron K2 Keyboard

 I mentioned buying a Keychron K2 keyboard almost two years ago, but that post was primarily about a different vendor's keyboard which was a fail.

I just bought a second Keychron K2 keyboard ("blue" switches), but not because of a problem. It's because the keyboard is wonderful, and I want a second one to keep at an alternate worksite.

The laptop keyboard on the 2017-vintage Macbook Pro is almost unusable. Really, even the 2015-vintage Air's laptop keyboard is not that great. I prefer a full-stroke "clicky" keyboard with good tactile feedback.

Enter the Keychron K2. Lots of nice features that I won't bother listing since I don't use most of them and the site explains them fine. I like the noisy "blue" style switches, but you can get quieter ones.

Also, it has all the Mac-specific special keys, right there (I don't like the touch-bar at the top of the Macbooks.) And I also like the compact size.

My only complaint is that the key caps are not dual-injected, which means that the paint can wear off the tops of the frequently-used keys (E and A). But this is a problem for most keyboards I use; I apparently have a heavy typing hand.

Count me as a satisfied customer.

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