Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Review: Prairie Burn (Jazz)

I realize that this is a technical blog without many followers, but I'm really getting into a new album and wanted to share.  If you're not interested in Jazz music, you may stop reading.

Prairie Burn is a new CD by the Mara Rosenbloom Trio.  It is modern Jazz, so don't expect anything that sounds like Tommy Dorsey, or dixieland.  Unfortunately, I don't have the background or the vocabulary to be able to tell you what it *does* sound like.  In other words, this is the worst Jazz review ever.

But since when has that ever stopped me?  :-)

Prairie Burn is great.  Listening to it takes me on an emotional journey including stops at agitation, surprise, excitement, dreaming, and satisfaction.  This music draws me in effortlessly.

So, why am I flogging it in my blog?  For the same reason I flogged Mad and Grace: I like them and I want them to reach their goals.  Yes, Prairie Burn has an Indegogo campaign to raise money for a publicist so that Mara can get more of the attention she deserves.

Jazz has a strange following, few in number but passionate in their dedication.  I've read people bemoan the lack of young talent in the genre.  Most of the well-known artists are getting on in years and won't be around forever.  We've got to find new talent and support it.

I've done the finding for you.  Now it's your turn to help with the supporting.  :-)

Not sure you'll like the music?  The two pieces from Prairie Burn are pretty different from each other, but the second (Turbulence) is probably more representative of the album as a whole.

Full disclosure: Mara is my daughter-in-law.  That certainly influenced me in terms of giving the music a try.  I believe it is not influencing my evaluation of its quality.  This is her third album, and while I like them all, this is the one that I feel passionate about.