Friday, October 28, 2022

So long, Delta

Note to my technically-oriented readers (all two of you). You might want to skip this post. It is not technical in nature.

I used to use Delta Airlines a lot. Not anymore.

So, am I refusing to fly Delta because they were unfair and downright evil to an employee? Heck no. Happens all the time. Sometimes employers get caught, and they have to make amends. Sometimes they don't get caught, and they get away with it. If I refused to deal with companies who misbehave, I would have to become a hermit doing subsistence farming with rocks and sticks.

No, I'm refusing because even after Delta's dirty tricks were exposed and their claims totally debunked, the manager behind it all was "...promoted to CEO of Endeavor, Delta’s regional carrier subsidiary, and senior vice president of Delta Connection, the airline’s partnership with regional carriers Skywest and Republic Airways."

DUDES! When you get caught, you're supposed to at least pretend to be sorry! And somebody has to become the sacrificial lamb. But I guess that only happens when the lamb is a low-level employee. When it's a bigwig, then better to just close ranks, settle, and pretend everything's cool. Nothing to see here, move along.

Sorry, no can do. And yes, I know, I don't have all the facts. Maybe more facts will come to light. Maybe Graham truly believed he was doing the ethical and moral thing.

What do you say, Graham? Did you genuinely believe in your heart that Petitt wasn't safe to fly? Based on her complaints about safety? Feel free to post a reply here. If it sounds credible, I'll post a retraction and fly Delta again.

Hopefully I can sleep tonight over the sound of crickets.