Wednesday, October 8, 2014

If This Then That

I just ran across the site: (stands for "if this then that").  It appears to be a primitive autonomous intelligent personal agent, capable of monitoring a variety of information sources and triggering various actions.  I just set up a rule to send me an email when I post to my blog.

So part of this post is just a test of IFTTT.  :-)

Although the idea interests me, I'm not sure how heavily I will use it (my email inbox is clogged enough without messages telling me that it might rain tomorrow).  But who knows?  If I find a compelling use for it, I'll post it here.  Which will generate an email to myself.  Which will cause me to remove that rule since, hey, I think I know when I post to my own blog.

1 comment:

Steve Ford said...

Well, it worked. I received an email containing my post. I wasn't watching the clock, but it probably took about 15 minutes.